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Monday, February 21, 2011

Odisha JEE 2011 OJEE Date Admit Card Important Information



STREAM : MCA / MBA / PDGM / PGCM / PDGM (Executive) PGAT for M. Pharm

DATE: 1.05.2011 (Sunday)

1st Sitting (9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon) : MCA

2nd Sitting (2.30 PM to 4.30 PM) : Entrance Test for MBA/ PGDM/ PGCM/PGDM (Executive) / M. Pharm

STREAM : B. Tech/ B. Tech (Lateral Entry) / B. Arch. / MBBS / BDS / B. Pharm / B. Pharm (Lateral Entry) / PGAT for M. Tech / M. Arch

DATE: 8.05.2011 (Sunday)

1st Sitting: 

9.00 AM to 11.00 AM : Physics & Chemistry / Diploma Test (Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy) / B.Sc. Paper - I

12.00 Noon to 1.00 PM : Mathematics

2nd Sitting (2.30 PM to 4.30 PM): Biology / B. Sc. Paper - II / PGAT (M. Tech/M.Arch)

Methods of admission in professional educational institutions: Subject to provisions of this Act, admission of students in all private professional educational institutions, Government institutions and sponsored institutions to all seats including lateral entry seats, shall be made through JEE conducted by the Policy Planning Body followed by counselling in order of merit, in accordance with such procedure as recommended by the said body and approved by the Government of Orissa.

Admit Cards will be despatched around 15 days before the date of examination. If an applicant does not receive the Admit Card for the examination by April 25, 2011 (for MCA, MBA, PGDM, PGCM, PGDM Exec.) and by April 30, 2011 (for BTech, MBBS, Pharmacy, Lateral Entry for Diploma/ and B.Sc), If a candidate does not receive or lose his/her admit card, the candidate may down load the Admit card from JEE-2011 website which will be endorsed by Centre Superintendent, These cases will be verified at a later stage for authentication. No complaints will be entertained for non receipt of admit cards after Joint Entrance Examination is over.


1. Permanent nativity certificate is mandatory for taking admission against any reserve category like: SC/ST/ES/PC/ WO/GC/Lateral Entry in all courses. Permanent nativity certificate is to be produced at the time of document verification during counselling. All such applicants are required to keep the up-to-date nativity certificate ready well in advance.

2. Mark sheet and Certificate/Provisional Certificate of the qualifying examination must be produced on the day of counselling, without which the applicant will not be allowed to participate in the counselling process.

3. There are two methods of giving application form for OJEE-2011. (i) Online application form, which can be filled directly in the website of JEE, that is available in OJEE website i.e. (ii) Application available at Banks and Post offices can be purchased and submitted to OJEE office through the banks, post offices or by post/speed post/regd. Post/ courier. That will open from a specific date to be notified separately.

4. Top portion of the application form [Optical Magnetic Reader (OMR) Sheet] will be processed by a machine. The machine picks up only dark marks. Therefore, appropriate circles should be darken using HB pencil or Black/Blue ball point pen only

5. Applicant should write in capital letters the required information in the boxes above the circles (wherever provided) and then darken the appropriate circle under each of them. Writing in the boxes is only for the candidate’s guidance to darken the correct circle. It should be ensured that darkening in the correct circle is done, as the candidate is solely responsible for any error in darkening of the circles.

6. Applicant should not scribble, smudge, cut, tear, or wrinkle the application form and should not put any stray marks anywhere on the application form.

7. Photograph, signature and address of the applicant are to be scanned by another machine that recognizes only good quality images, and from the specified areas of the form. Therefore, applicant should paste a good black and white recent (not older than 2 months) photograph in the space provided, and the applicant should write her/ his address and sign in Black / Blue ball point pen only in the space provided.

8. Applicant should write the complete address clearly giving his/her name and PINCODE carefully and legibly with Black / Blue ball point pen only. If a mistake, cover the whole box with an exact size white paper slip and write your address on it. Your address must not overflow this box. You may, if possible, type your address on a slip not larger than the box and paste it neatly within the box.

9. The candidate should not fold the application form and must be ensured that the envelope matches the size of the form. The candidate should not put any pin or staple anywhere in the application form. He/ she has to paste only the photograph and nothing else on the form.

10. Applicants are advised to ensure the correctness of their mailing address, PINCODE, and telephone number, if any, with STD codes. Please note that OJEE-2011 will not be responsible if communications do not reach the applicant due to incomplete or illegible address / phone number.

11. Applicant must quote the six digit application number of her/ his application form as a reference in all his/her future correspondence.

12. If the acknowledgement card does not reach the applicant by April 20, 2011 (for MCA, MBA, PGDM, PGCM, and PGDM (Executive) Candidates) then he/she must check the website of JEE that is Similarly if the acknowledgement card does not reach to the candidate by April 25, 2011 (for B.Tech, MBBS, B. Pharm, and B. Arch Candidates) then she/he must check the website as given above.

13. Application must be complete in all respect. Incomplete application or application filled in a language other than English will summarily be rejected.

14. Options such as Category, Choice of place of examination centre and Reservation type, once filled up by the applicant in the application form cannot be changed under any circumstances.

15. Applicant should give options only with respect to category (S, ZZ, OL, NRI) and Reservation type (SC/ST/PC/GC/WO/ ES) that he/she can substantiate with documentary evidences during counselling.

16. The cost of application material is non-refundable.

17. Any dispute arising out of OJEE-2011 shall only be settled and decided under the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa.

18. Applicant should not submit any document along with the application form to support this claim.

19. Original certificates, mark sheets and other documents will be verified at the time of counselling with respect to category and reservation that is claimed and shall be returned to the applicant immediately after the verification is over in case of refusal to take admission.

20. Claim for admission will be rejected if you cannot submit the certificates, mark sheets, other necessary documents at the time of counselling or if one has filled the form wrongly.

21. Admission may be cancelled at any time, if certificate/ mark sheets/any other documents are found to be forged or manipulated. A candidate will not be considered for admission if he/she fails to substantiate the claim with respect to reservation, category, nativity, date of birth, qualification etc.


(a) you have followed all the instructions in filling up the form. You have gone through the important notes carefully;

(b) you have written your address on the acknowledgement card correctly;

(c) you have enclosed the acknowledgement card with the application in the envelope, if you are submitting by post; (d) you have not used a staple / pin / tag in your application; (e) you have retained a photocopy of the application form; ( f ) once duly filled in application form is submitted, no further change will be entertained under any circumstances.

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